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Unlimited Laser Hair Removal +
A Lifetime of Touch Ups!

Ditch The Razor – GoLaser


Say Goodbye to Waxing & Shaving

GoLaser is a specialized clinic focused exclusively on laser hair removal in Toronto, providing an incredibly smooth customer experience!


The Process

Laser hair removal is all we do!

Learn our process.

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GoLaser Guarantee

Stop stressing over packs. Pay one price for any body area and you are covered for life!

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About Us

Get to know our brand, our vision and our mission.

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Why People Love Laser Hair Removal

It’s about sanity, not vanity! Every other form of hair removal is temporary. Laser hair removal gives you long lasting results.

Permanent hair reduction

No more razor burn or ingrown hairs

No more sticky wax and painful ripping

Fast treatments and lasting results!

More affordable than a lifetime of waxing

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What Our Smooth Clients Are Saying

Lauren Moore
I can’t say enough good things about GoLaser. From the first consultation with Monica and test patch with Leila, I could tell they really cared about their customers. After just one session with Leila, I’ve already noticed a HUGE difference - I can’t wait to see what it’s like after a few more! The experience is like none other. It’s Monica greets you at her beautiful, clean studio with a big smile every time, and Leila does the most amazing job of making sure you’re comfortable, pain free, and happy with your results. Highly recommend checking it out!
Danielle Goldstein
Monica is knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Leylah is a great tech and took the time to ensure I was comfortable and at ease. Most importantly the laser works wonders! Highly recommend Go Laser.
Kim Lieber
Had my second treatment at Go Laser today and absolutely love this place. Right after my first treatment I already saw a huge difference so I am really excited to see the results of the second treatment. Monica is amazing and so professional. She explains all the process so clear and well that you know exactly what you’re getting into. She offers a test patch to make sure you are good to go with the treatment. Leila took care of me today and was great, she makes sure during the treatment that you are feeling ok. She’s the one who did the test patch and immediately makes you feel comfortable. All of the Go Laser team is amazing. Not to mention the place is gorgeous and clean. 100% recommend this place to anyone who wants to go for a hair free journey!
Courtney Gelbart
I’ve had 2 underarm treatments at GoLaser so far and my results are incredible! I’m used to shaving twice a week and so far I’ve only had to shave twice in 6 weeks! Leila is the Lead Technician and she is the best! Not only is she very quick (5 min per armpit) but she checks in on me throughout the appointment, asking if I’m okay, if I have any questions, etc. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. It’s an absolute pleasure getting my laser done by Leila and I HIGHLY recommend GoLaser
The place to go to in Toronto if you are looking for laser hair removal. You are welcome every time with water and the place is the cleanest I have ever seen.. just spotless. Customer service is top tier & the services are worth every single penny. The owner & staff are also really nice and professional. They are available after the treatment to answer any questions you may have . If I could give more than 5 stars I would.
Michelle Au
The GoLaser team is amazing! The concept of a one-time fee for a lifetime of laser removal is what definitely intrigued me. Both the owner, Monica, and my technician, Leina are very friendly and knowledgeable.
Shira Unterman
Had a great first experience at GoLaser! The clinic is so clean, and the technicians are very professional. Monica made every aspect of the process so easy and straightforward. I especially love the GoLaser Guarantee as a busy mom, knowing that I can always come back for touch ups without worrying about purchasing a whole new package. Highly recommend, and looking forward to returning for my follow up sessions!
elinor quint
Such an amazing place! Already seeing incredible results after only one session. Leila is so thourough and efficient can’t recommend her enough!
Jennifer Morin
I had my second visit today and it was beyond amazing. Results are already so great I can’t wait for my next session. Monica the owner is so friendly and kind and totally transparent about everything. I see Leila for my laser and she is so friendly and caring - she checks the area asks about hair growth confirms the pain scale (note it’s not painful at all) and continues to monitor the area through the session. So happy with my results so far, can’t wait for my next session and tackling new areas.
Ali W
This place is incredible!! Both the owner, Monica, and my technician, Leina, have been knowledgeable, kind, and supportive! They make the process enjoyable and calming. After my first appointment I noticed results. In fact, I received a touch up on an area I had done elsewhere previously (15 years prior) and the results were insane (barely any hair growth occurred after my treatment at GoLaser). I wish I had taken before and after images to share. If you’re debating a consultation, do it!!
A woman standing in the ocean in a red bikini smiling upwards after she got bikini laser hair removal

You are covered for life with our GoLaser Guarantee

At GoLaser, you invest in a lifetime solution; NOT a limited-time solution. With our GoLaser Guarantee, we’re making it easier than ever to get the smooth, healthy, hair-free skin you deserve.

Our goal with our GoLaser Guarantee is to address the main pain points people have when starting laser hair removal which is why our GoLaser Guarantee gives you a period of unlimited laser hair removal to get your best results possible + a lifetime of free touchups!

Additionally, if you decide to start a family and pregnancy hormones bring back some unwanted hair, with our GoLaser Guarantee you will be able to come back free of charge post pregnancy to reset your smoothness.

This Guarantee aligns your interests with ours in getting you results rather than selling you session or packages.

  • Unlimited sessions
  • A series of touch ups
  • Pregnancy reset sessions
  • One-time fee
  • Lifetime satisfaction

Most other aesthetic clinics sell hair removal packages of 4-6 sessions. However, most clients require 7-12 sessions for best results. This forces you to buy multiple packages for a single area of the body and you will still incur additional charges for touch-ups.

For those who want the convenience and comfort of permanent hair reduction, the GoLaser Guarantee means real savings over the course of your treatment and life. Book a free consultation to learn more.

Laser hair removal, while longer lasting than any other form of hair removal, will still require some mild maintenance as time passes. Additionally, any condition that effects hormones, such as pregnancy, can cause hair growth where there wasn’t any before. Fortunately, if some stubborn hairs do make a reappearance you will have access to your lifetime of touch-ups at GoLaser to help keep things feeling smooth!


Body Areas We Defuzz

We can remove hair from almost anywhere!

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laser hair removal for lip & chin icon


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laser hair removal for legs icon


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Compare Laser Hair Removal to Shaving and Waxing

Compared to the alternative hair removal methods on the market, laser hair removal is the most effective option and provides the most savings from a time and cost perspective

Permanent reduction?

Trained professional performing your treatment

Unlimited treatments for one price

A lifetime of touch-ups included

Total lifetime cost for legs

Hours spent per year on average

GoLaser + Lifetime Guarantee

12 monthly payments then never pay again!

3-5 hours year 1
0-1 hour years 2+



39+ hours



6+ hours

Close up of 3 women in a bikini after getting whole body laser hair removal done

Inclusive Hair Removal for Everyone

GoLaser aims to understand the unique needs of each of our clients. Our technicians will work with you to achieve your hair removal goals and create a touch-up schedule to ensure you always feel your best. In addition, our clinic can safely and effectively treat any skin colour with our dual wavelength laser.


Your Comfort and Safety is Our Goal

From our industry-leading technology to our highly trained technicians, everything we do is designed with our clients’ comfort, safety and satisfaction in mind. We love our services and cannot wait for you to love them too!

A woman standing on the beach smiling with her arms up confidently after getting underarm laser hair removal done