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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

RIP Brazilian waxes! Laser hair removal has come to protect your delicate regions!


Why Get Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

What’s worse than having to pour hot wax on your most delicate areas and then having to rip it off? Having to do it all over again only a month later! This is the reality of a traditional Brazilian wax. Though the results are amazing, this routine is painful, tedious, and inconvenient.

Brazilian laser hair removal from GoLaser changes all that. With laser hair removal, you get fast, nearly painless, and permanent hair reduction. No more having to worry about expensive, time-consuming monthly appointments.

Laser hair removal at GoLaser also helps relieve you of any frustrating ingrown hairs and ensures you never have to deal with razor bumps and burns again as we use the best laser in the industry, one safe enough to be used in sensitive areas without burning or damaging the surrounding skin.

Unlike a bikini laser hair removal which lasers the hair into a neat shape that can be covered with traditional bikini bottoms, a Brazilian removes all hair in the region including on the labia lips and between the cheeks. In short, if you are wondering if a certain area “down there” is included, the answer is Yes.

In case you’re curious… The original Brazilian got its name when the style grew in popularity on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro as more people wore thong-style bathing suits. This barely there version of a bathing suit did not leave much room for stray hairs to hide.  A Brazilian wax took care of this by making sure there was no hair at all. But now we’ve graduated to Brazilian lasering for a better, longer lasting solution.

Oftentimes one of the biggest barriers for clients is concern over Brazilian laser hair removal cost. At GoLaser, we never want cost to stand between you and the confidence that comes from expert hair removal.

We offer a variety of options such as an upfront payment or payment plan so you can take advantage of our unique Guarantee and get the full value!

The best way to learn about our pricing and payment options is by booking a free consultation.

Close up of a woman in a blue bikini smiling as she walks on the beach
A woman at the beach attempting to do a hand stand on the sand

Your Comfort and Safety are Our Top Priorities

Your Comfort

We understand that hair removal “down there” can be uncomfortable for many of our clients. However, rest assured that GoLaser technicians are highly trained with years of professional experience – this means we have seen it all and removed hair from it all!

Our job is to help give you more confidence in your appearance, so don’t worry if you feel a bit shy. It’s our job to make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process and leave you feeling silky smooth and wildly confident on the way out!

Your Safety

Along with making each session relaxing and comfortable, we also practice industry-leading sanitation for all our equipment. Additionally, we have a special, built in cooling feature on our laser to soothe your skin during each session. This will help ease any discomfort and minimize irritation.

Our lasers are gentle enough to tend to tender areas without breaking the skin’s surface and effective enough to do it quickly and make it last.


Let’s banish the blades from tending to your bikini area for good! Smooth skin is only a few laser pulses away

Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal is one of the most popular laser hair removal services for a variety of reasons:

Banish Unwanted Hair

Most people are NOT acrobats! If they can avoid turning themselves into human pretzels on a weekly basis to banish their unwanted hair they’re motivated to choose that option.

Long Lasting Results

Quick, long lasting results. In just 7-10 treatments you’ll be saying “hasta la vista!” to all the hair down there forever

Free Touch-Ups

Results are guaranteed. That means if you have some warrior hairs that survived the laser come back any time for your yearly touch up and we’ll give you a touch up at no additional cost. We take care of your purchased area forever, no questions asked.

Comfortable Treatments

Comfortable treatments. Our professional technicians take extra care to make sure your treatments are always safe, gentle & effective.


Hair Freedom FOREVER!

With the GoLaser Guarantee you get unlimited laser hair removal + a lifetime of touch ups. Our mission is to get you hair free and help you stay that way!

Learn more about our GoLaser Guarantee by booking your free, no obligation consultation today.

Schedule your free consultation to learn more about laser hair removal today!
Lauren Moore
I can’t say enough good things about GoLaser. From the first consultation with Monica and test patch with Leila, I could tell they really cared about their customers. After just one session with Leila, I’ve already noticed a HUGE difference - I can’t wait to see what it’s like after a few more! The experience is like none other. It’s Monica greets you at her beautiful, clean studio with a big smile every time, and Leila does the most amazing job of making sure you’re comfortable, pain free, and happy with your results. Highly recommend checking it out!
Danielle Goldstein
Monica is knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Leylah is a great tech and took the time to ensure I was comfortable and at ease. Most importantly the laser works wonders! Highly recommend Go Laser.
Kim Lieber
Had my second treatment at Go Laser today and absolutely love this place. Right after my first treatment I already saw a huge difference so I am really excited to see the results of the second treatment. Monica is amazing and so professional. She explains all the process so clear and well that you know exactly what you’re getting into. She offers a test patch to make sure you are good to go with the treatment. Leila took care of me today and was great, she makes sure during the treatment that you are feeling ok. She’s the one who did the test patch and immediately makes you feel comfortable. All of the Go Laser team is amazing. Not to mention the place is gorgeous and clean. 100% recommend this place to anyone who wants to go for a hair free journey!
Courtney Gelbart
I’ve had 2 underarm treatments at GoLaser so far and my results are incredible! I’m used to shaving twice a week and so far I’ve only had to shave twice in 6 weeks! Leila is the Lead Technician and she is the best! Not only is she very quick (5 min per armpit) but she checks in on me throughout the appointment, asking if I’m okay, if I have any questions, etc. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. It’s an absolute pleasure getting my laser done by Leila and I HIGHLY recommend GoLaser
The place to go to in Toronto if you are looking for laser hair removal. You are welcome every time with water and the place is the cleanest I have ever seen.. just spotless. Customer service is top tier & the services are worth every single penny. The owner & staff are also really nice and professional. They are available after the treatment to answer any questions you may have . If I could give more than 5 stars I would.
Michelle Au
The GoLaser team is amazing! The concept of a one-time fee for a lifetime of laser removal is what definitely intrigued me. Both the owner, Monica, and my technician, Leina are very friendly and knowledgeable.
Shira Unterman
Had a great first experience at GoLaser! The clinic is so clean, and the technicians are very professional. Monica made every aspect of the process so easy and straightforward. I especially love the GoLaser Guarantee as a busy mom, knowing that I can always come back for touch ups without worrying about purchasing a whole new package. Highly recommend, and looking forward to returning for my follow up sessions!
elinor quint
Such an amazing place! Already seeing incredible results after only one session. Leila is so thourough and efficient can’t recommend her enough!
Jennifer Morin
I had my second visit today and it was beyond amazing. Results are already so great I can’t wait for my next session. Monica the owner is so friendly and kind and totally transparent about everything. I see Leila for my laser and she is so friendly and caring - she checks the area asks about hair growth confirms the pain scale (note it’s not painful at all) and continues to monitor the area through the session. So happy with my results so far, can’t wait for my next session and tackling new areas.
Ali W
This place is incredible!! Both the owner, Monica, and my technician, Leina, have been knowledgeable, kind, and supportive! They make the process enjoyable and calming. After my first appointment I noticed results. In fact, I received a touch up on an area I had done elsewhere previously (15 years prior) and the results were insane (barely any hair growth occurred after my treatment at GoLaser). I wish I had taken before and after images to share. If you’re debating a consultation, do it!!