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Body Areas

Fuzz Free For Life

You don’t need another form of hair removal that provides a temporary solution. That’s why we focus on laser hair removal – a lasting solution backed by our GoLaser Guarantee.


Body Areas Treatable by Laser Hair Removal

Whether it’s your underarm, lip, chin, legs, bikini, or back we can remove hair from just about any area and for any skin type! Check out some of the most popular areas for laser hair removal below.

Lip & Chin

We know how frustrating maintaining an upper lip wax, shaving or threading routine can be. We also know how smelly and toxic hair removal creams can be. Let’s treat your face better than that.

Lasers are already proven to provide excellent results on facial skincare which is why removing hair from the face is an incredible option for treating your delicate skin.

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Close up of a woman wearing a hat smiling as she walks on sand
Close up of a woman's legs who has had laser hair removal for legs completed


No one gets excited to shave their legs, but we think you’ll get excited to do laser hair removal when you realize it means never shaving again!

It also means no cuts, rashes or last minute stressors or long pants due to unshaved legs. Be done with the prep and planning for vacations and special events.

Laser hair removal is the best solution to removing your unwanted hair.

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Bikini & Brazilian

Imagine if you didn’t have to “maintain” your bikini or Brazilian every time you planned to go on vacation or bare it all in a swimsuit (or your birthday suit 😉 ). Hard to imagine but we’re thrilled to tell you that it is possible!

If you want a no mess, non sticky, long lasting solution to deal with all your hair down there then we think you’ll LOVE laser hair removal for your bikini line or brazilian.

Get excited to ditch your razor along with all its side effects like bumps, burns and ingrowns, in favour of soft, velvety skin!

Bikini Brazilian
Close up of 3 women posing next to each other in their bikinis at the beach
A woman smiling as she has her arms up and does something with her hair as she walks on the beach


Underarm hair grows back so quickly with shaving that it’s often one of the first places people get excited to laser away!

If you’ve been dealing with the daily hassle of underarm hair shaving then you’re going to be THRILLED when you realize life does NOT have to be like that anymore.

With laser hair removal your underarms will be soft, smooth and hair free so you can lift those hands way up high anytime 🙂

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Other Areas

Laser hair removal can work on almost any skin type and any body area. There are very few areas that are completely off limits. Some other common areas for both men and women include: Areola, Stomach Line, Full Arms, Full Bum, Full Face and more.

If you have questions about a body area not listed let us know! We’re here to help on your journey to hair-freedom!

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal For Other Areas
Three women in their bikinis and wearing glasses standing next to a rock wall and smiling
A man who receives laser hair treatment standing in the ocean at waist level water and looking upwards


Men too often get left behind on the hair removal journey. Guys – we see you and know that you have areas you want feeling clean and smooth too!

We are here to help you achieve hair freedom from whichever body area you want that for.

If back hair, neck stubble, or hairy shoulders are causing you frustration because you don’t like how it looks or because it’s making you extra hot or itchy – we can help get you the smooth body areas you want!

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