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Frequently Asked Questions



About Us

GoLaser specializes in safe and effective laser hair removal services in the GTA. We have one location at 1170 Eglinton Ave W. Our second location is opening in Thornhill at 170 Disera Drive in September 2023 and have multiple locations slated to open in 2024 & 2025!

We are open every day of the week! Monday – Friday 10am-7pm. Saturdays 9am-4pm and Sundays by appointment. At our Eglinton location we are open late on Tuesdays & Thurdays until 8pm.

The GoLaser Guarantee offers you a period of unlimited treatments plus free yearly touch ups for life at a one  time fee per body area! PLUS it includes what we call our GoMama Guarantee which allows you to reset your period of unlimited sessions after pregnancy and breastfeeding to help you get back to smooth at no additional cost. Book your free consultation to learn more about our Guarantee and get your free test patch!


YES! While there are many temporary ways to rid yourself of unwanted hair, laser (not IPL!) is the safest and most permanent, sustainable, cost effective solution. This is the ONLY thing we do and we are damn good at it!

No form of hair removal is 100% permanent however laser is THE most effective way of minimizing unwanted hair and hassle. Think 90%+ hair reduction- goodbye  fuzz!

You won’t fully understand until you see the results – then you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! With our GoLaser Guarantee , you will get the best value stepping into your laser hair removal journey.

Timing depends on the body area you are getting treated but underarms or an upper lip can be done in less than 10 minutes! Brazilian is usually done in 15 minutes!

Trust us – you want a consultation! Consultations are quick, simple and here for your benefit. We want to make you feel the most comfortable and excited to come in to get your treatment!

Consultations give us a chance to get to know you, what areas you want treatment on, your background and medical history so we know the best method for treating your unique hair and skin type and can tell you if you are in fact a good candidate for laser hair removal because we really want you to see AMAZING results!

Laser hair removal is not just like waxing or threading – the information you provide to us is incredibly important to ensure we’re safely setting the laser for your personal characteristics and ensuring you’re well aware of your before and after care instructions which will help you keep your skin safe and healthy throughout your treatments. The biggest risks (burns or pigmentation issues) come up when someone is not aware of or properly following their before and after care.

There biggest side effect you’ll notice is that your hair will be gone! But that’s intentional 😉.

Aside from that, temporary redness and a bit of sensitivity may occur depending on your individual skin type but that is totally normal. In an effort to keep you and your unique, beautiful skin as safe as possible, we ask you to (a) keep us informed of any medications you may be on or other treatments that may affect your skin. (b) insist on doing a test patch. Many other clinics dismiss test patches, however, it is irresponsible to do so considering each person’s skin is completely different. At GoLaser we feel it is our responsibility to take the utmost care of your skin and your trust. We know that you will feel so much more confident going into a full laser treatment once you know that your test patch has gone well!

Yes! At GoLaser, we offer the same incredible GoLaser Guarantee and services to men.

Let’s put it this way, our clients tell us it’s less painful than waxing! Especially since our laser has a special cooling tip to minimize any discomfort you may feel. With that said, we all know there are always some areas spicier than others (cough cough brazillian cough).

How do we put this lightly…. Nope. Not if you’re looking for any kind of long term results. There’s a reason we have certified technicians operating our state of the art lasers. That kind of laser power can’t be sold to untrained people. Moreover, at-home devices are more time consuming, more painful due to lack of a cooling mist, and produce inferior results. Many people had their hair grow back after a few weeks using at home solutions. If you’re going to do laser, you gotta GoLaser the right way.

Simply put, it costs way less than a lifetime of waxing! Over the course of your life, laser is a much more cost efficient solution than waxing or shaving and will also save you lots of time.
[Contact us HERE for a free consultation to discover how much it will cost to get the hair-freedom you deserve]

Of course! We offer a variety of payment plans. Because we do all of our own in house financing you won’t be dealing with a third party financing company nor will you have to go through an application process or credit check- everyone is pre-approved for our 12 month instalment program!

We use the safest laser on the market and all treatments are performed by highly trained technicians. We take every necessary precaution to ensure treatments are safe and effective – that includes providing you with protective eyewear and asking questions related to your skin history. The treatment itself is simple and fast with virtually no downtime which means you can go right back to your regular routine after your session. We do advise that you follow our pre and post treatment guidelines to ensure the best possible results.

Safety comes first for us at GoLaser which is why we do not offer laser treatments while you are pregnant or nursing. During these times, your body is undergoing many hormonal changes and such changes could lead to ineffective treatments and we definitely don’t want that! We will be here to treat you after pregnancy and we suggest one month of breastfeeding or pumping has finished. In the meantime you can send your significant other to test us out 😉

1. Shave the 24 hours before your treatment.

2. No waxing or plucking at least 4 weeks before your appointment.

3. Stay out of the sun 2-4 weeks before your treatment. Your skin is SO important to us that it is our policy for your safety never to treat skin that is tanned (real or fake tans).

4. No harsh products or medications that would make your skin sensitive. This includes medications for acne like accutane or tetracycline as well as any topical products containing acids or retinols (specifically in the area(s) to be treated.

These are the primary pre-care instructions. We will always send you an email with everything you need to know prior to any treatment.

For best results:

4 weeks for face is ideal (4-6 range is ok)

6 weeks for body is ideal (6-8 range is ok)

You can shave between sessions, we actually need you to shave the day before your next session. You should not wax between sessions though. This will disrupt your laser process and progress. Even though your treatments are unlimited with our GoLaser Guarantee, we hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but we hope we never see you again! Unless it’s to share how much better your hair free, wax free, razor free life has been!! We do love staying in touch for that 🙂

At GoLaser – YES! Our laser works on ALL skin tones. It precisely targets the hair follicle to eliminate the hair at the root without damaging your skin. We are proud and excited to be able to service all skin tones from the lightest to the darkest at GoLaser.
However, unfortunately some places that advertise laser hair removal services are really using IPL or Intense Pulsed Light technology—the outdated technology found in most common at-home hair removal devices. This is not a “real laser” and should NOT be used on darker skin tones! In addition to inferior results, for people of colour it can lead to painful burns, pigmentation issues and other complications.

Our lasers are typically not able to treat blonde or light red/ orange hair colours, but we can determine that most confidently if you come in for a free consultation.
If we feel your hair will be too light to treat we will let you know right away as our first priority (aside from safety) is getting you real results! With our GoLaser Guarantee , if we can’t deliver results, we don’t charge you!

Laser hair removal is most effective on black or brown hairs.

The short answer – no. Sorry! We recommend no prolonged UV exposure or self tanner 14 days prior to laser services to ensure you get the best results.  Throughout your treatment plan, we recommend that you wear SPF 45 sunscreen or higher on the treatment area and if you have done a fake tan or self tanner that it is completely removed before your session.

You sure can! Just know that we will have to laser around the tattoo leaving approximately 2 inches surrounding it. Please tell your laser technician about any tattoos or permanent makeup you have.

Yes! We will work around it.

Yes! No need to cancel just because you’re on your period. Just wear a tampon or a cup and let your laser technician know. You can even wear underwear if you’d prefer and we can always do our best to work around it for this session. You may also be more sensitive during this time of the month so it’s possible the treatment may feel slightly more spicy than usual.

Most diabetics can get laser, but treatments may be more painful due to sensitive nerve endings. Our best advice is to ask your doctor first.

Every individual is different, but let’s put it this way, laser is the solution with the lowest chance of causing any ingrowns. In fact, many people choose laser in order to help with their ingrown hair. As long as you are in good health and provide honest answers to all of the questions our laser technician asks prior to treatment, you should not experience any complications. Our technicians are the best and our lasers are VERY smart and cater to your exact skin type but that is all based on the information you provide to us. We rather you overshare than undershare – there’s no such thing as TMI (too much information) with us!

• Avoid extended UV exposure for 7-14 days after treatment
• Slather your treated area in some good sunscreen! We recommend SPF 45 or higher
• Gently exfoliate 3-5 days after your treatment
• Do not wax, tweeze, thread or anything else between treatments!
• Don’t use any products on ingrown hairs, simply do a gentle exfoliation

1. There may be mild heat, bumps or redness, similar to a sunburn,  in the area that was treated – this is totally normal! Feel free to use a cold compress/ice or soothing gels such as aloe vera or hydrocortizone on the area.
2. For the first 24 hours avoid: shaving, waxing, plucking, scratching, exfoliating, excessive sweating, hot showers, saunas, swimming or irritating products.
3. Stay out of the sun for 7-14 days and always use sunscreen!
4. Gently exfoliate about 3-5 days post-treatment to help the hairs shed.


We recommend you space out your treatments as evenly as possible for best results, but we also understand that life happens! In this case, we’d recommend you wait until after your vacation so the laser can target the hair effectively which is harder to do when treatments are too close together. Remember to give yourself a little extra time for your beautiful vacation tan to fade away before booking in your next session.

It is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible at all times starting from the moment you walk through our doors. We know that everyone has different modesty standards—whether they stem from religious beliefs or simply from personal choice—and we never want you to feel like you have to choose between being modest and being hairy.
Here are the ways we are able to respect and protect your modesty:

• Private Consultations: During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to have all of your laser hair removal questions answered in a one-on-one setting with a laser hair removal expert.

• Female Providers: We have highly-trained female laser technicians at every location.

• Staying Covered: For many body areas, you can stay fully clothed during your treatment and only have the area being treated showing. Areas like the upper lip, chin, underarms, lower legs, and arms, can all be done without needing to undress or reveal any other parts of your body.

• Treatment Robes: If you need to remove any clothing for your treatment, we can provide you with a robe (or you are welcome to bring your own) to help keep the rest of your body covered. While you are changing, no one else is in the room, and the treatment provider will knock to request permission to enter once you have put the robe on and are on the treatment table.