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About Us

Our Story

After her own frustrating experience with laser hair removal, GoLaser Founder, Monica Gold, decided to create a clinic model that did laser differently.


About Us

As a former professional in the dance and fitness industry no one knew the struggle of getting and staying hair-free better than Monica. That’s why, in creating GoLaser, her goal was to cut out the stress of constantly having to wax or shave. Today, as a mom and business owner, she knows no one has time for that!

At GoLaser we are focused on being the best, most trusted laser hair removal providers in the industry. We gain that trust through:

1. Specializing exclusively in laser hair removal
2. Our GoLaser Guarantee
3. Exceptional customer experience

A GoLaser technician wearing safety glasses and blue GoLaser scrubs standing next to a laser hair removal machine
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Our Mission

Our primary mission: to make you feel more confident.

Body hair should never keep you from wearing the bathing suit or dancing with your arms up!

Our secondary mission: to help you take back your time.

We know you’d rather spend your time with family or friends than at wax appointments or shaving (the hours add up!)


Why Trust GoLaser?

Laser hair removal is all we do! Why? Well let’s put it this way…

Do you trust a general practitioner with your eyes or do you go to an optometrist?

We are not a medspa providing a menu of 40+ different services. We are experts in the field of laser hair removal. We are specialists with best in class training, and the best technology available.

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Our GoLaser Guarantee

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We Offer a Real Solution

While most clinics sell you “sessions” and leave you unsure of how much more you’ll have to spend to get rid of your unwanted hair, our GoLaser Guarantee ensures you pay for real results.


UNLIMITED treatments + a lifetime of touch ups!

Our goal is to get you hair free and keep you that way! That means we include a series of touch ups + the ability to come back to us post pregnancy free of charge!

Moreover, we never price discriminate based on personal characteristics. We charge the same price for everyone, regardless of gender, age, size and hair type.

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Restart your sessions post pregnancy free of charge!