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Laser Hair Removal Cost and Specials


Toronto Laser Hair Removal Specials

We’re so excited to save you from your time consuming shaving and waxing routines!!!

Receive one FREE TREATMENT on a small or xs area such as your underarms or upper lip when you complete your FREE consultation and test patch this month!

*Must book your Free Consultation to take advantage of this offer!**

Let your hair-freedom begin today!

Woman standing in her swimsuit smiling next to a colourful wall
Close up of a woman with hair-free legs because of laser hair removal sitting on the couch

Affordable Financing Options

Ready to make the investment in laser hair removal but prefer not to pay upfront? No problem! GoLaser offers in-house financing with no credit checks!

We offer great financing options in order to make laser hair removal affordable for everyone!

What’s extra special is we don’t do any external financing. Everything is done in house which means no application or credit checks – everyone is automatically approved!

Book a FREE consultation to discuss these options with a GoLaser manager. You’re one step away from becoming forever smooth!


Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!

The Purpose of a Free Consultation at GoLaser…

To make sure you’re a good candidate!

While we are able to treat all skin types at GoLaser, not everyone is a good candidate for laser hair removal for a variety of reasons. We will provide honest feedback regarding whether we think you will see good results! Given our model and GoLaser Guarantee, our incentives are fully aligned to see you get hair-free!

FREE Test Patch

Test patches are an important step that sadly many clinics skip. At GoLaser your safety is our number one priority. It’s important to know in a small area whether you and the laser agree with one another before proceeding with a full treatment. You will also get a chance to feel what our laser feels like as we know that’s a big question for so many people! From our experience, most people come out of the test patch saying it was way better than they expected because of the special cooling tip on our laser and our process.

We Build Your Personal GoLaser Package Together

We do laser hair removal differently than other clinics and we want to ensure you fully understand our process, GoLaser Guarantee, why we do it and how it saves you money in the long run. We will also build your package together to try to give you the best price and financing options for the areas you are interested in! We are often able to give additional discounts when you are investing in multiple areas, so the process of building your package is best done in person.