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Laser Hair Removal –– The Process

Curious to know more about how laser hair removal actually works? We’ve laid out ALL the information so you feel comfortable and confident every step along the way!


How Laser Hair Removal Works at GoLaser

Learn more about the laser hair removal process at GoLaser with our fun and detailed explainer video!

process 01

The laser takes aim at the roots of the hair follicles.

process 02

A mist is sprayed to cool the skin eliminating any pain.

process 03

The laser banishes the hair from the root.

process 04

The hair is gone! You leave feeling silky smooth.

how it works

The GoLaser Process

1. Free Consultation

We want to make you feel comfortable, confident and excited about your decision to get laser hair removal which is why your consultation is completely FREE!

Consultations are never rushed. They are meant to ensure you’re a good candidate for laser hair removal and for you to ask all of your questions. We will talk you through all the details including pricing and payment plan options.

consultation is free
silky smooth

2. Pre-Treatment Preparation for Laser Hair Removal

We need your skin aux natural when you come in for treatment!

That means no makeup, oils, retinoids etc. and it is very important to stay out of the sun and away from tanning beds or lotions prior to your treatments. You’ll have plenty of time to tan when you’re silky smooth!

You will need to shave 24 hours or less before your appointment but waxing, plucking or any other form of temporary hair removal should be avoided.


3. Your First Treatment

Today is the day! Here’s what happens at your first laser hair removal treatment:

(a) Safety glasses are provided
(b) An expert technician will draw a grid on the area being treated for accuracy
(c) They will  set the laser specifically for your skin tone and hair colour
(d) You will feel a cooling spray that makes each zap way more comfortable!
(e) You will leave with your post treatment guide to ensure the best results 👌

laser your skin tone
shaving before treatments

4. Your Main Treatments

Wow! You’re already impressed because your hair is so much thinner, more sparse and shaving before treatments is becoming a breeze!

Keep up those treatments (usually about 7-12) as in your next few we will start increasing the power of the laser to help keep you hair free for life!


5. Graduation Day! Your Final Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Way to Go! You did it!! You’re officially 90+% hair free! Wave goodbye to regular treatments.

We loved helping you achieve hair FREE-dom but now we hope you enjoy your super smooth skin and forget about us… unless it’s because you’re telling friends how AMAZING your life is after your experience at GoLaser!

regular treatments
extra sessions

6. Free Touch Ups Included!

Every body is different – so is every hair. While you should be 90+% hair free, some pesky hairs may try to make an appearance every now and again OR you may be one of the lucky ones whose hair needs a little extra love (aka extra laser zaps).

Not to worry – since you chose GoLaser as your laser hair removal partner, you’ll get yearly touch ups free of charge to help you maintain your best results.😊