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laser hair removal treatments

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

If you’re new to the world of laser hair removal, let me begin by saying welcome!

If you have never received laser hair removal treatments in the past, among the many questions you probably have is, “well, is it permanent?” In other words, you want to know if those pesky little hairs that seem to start growing back almost immediately after the razor leaves your skin will be gone forever.

The best answer is: it definitely can be with a little maintenance!

When it comes to laser treatments, a realistic goal should be between 70-90% hair removal, rather than 100%. Let’s be honest, nothing in life is guaranteed and anything that can get you three-quarters of the way closer to lusciously smooth skin is definitely worth considering.

However, a hair-free exterior does require some initiative and consistency on the client’s end. In fact, there are a number of things a person can do to maintain a smooth finish well into the future.

You’re in the right place if you want to know more about:

  1. How laser hair removal works;
  2. How long laser hair removal results last;
  3. How to make your results truly permanent;
  4. The GoLaser Guarantee: THE solution to permanent to hair reduction
  5. Factors that could briefly interrupt permanent results;
  6. Why laser results are more permanent than other hair removal methods


How laser hair removal works

In simple terms, laser hair removal works by applying heat directly to the hair on a particular body part. The heat travels down deep into the hair follicle beneath the skin, disabling new growth from taking place.

At this point, one of two things happens to the hair follicle: it will either be completely destroyed (no regrowth), or it will become damaged (some regrowth possible).

Destroyed vs. damaged hair follicles

Now that you understand more about how laser technology removes hair, let’s chat briefly about the state of the actual follicle post-treatment and how this determines the duration of hair loss.

Destroyed hair follicle

If a hair follicle becomes successfully destroyed as a result of heat applied to it during laser hair removal sessions, that hair follicle will not grow back or regenerate. Ever. Win!

Damaged hair follicle

However, it’s possible that not all follicles get completely destroyed during sessions. They might become only damaged, which means the follicle could regenerate hair in that area over time.

So, how can you ensure your laser hair removal sessions are effectively zapping as many hair follicles as possible? Short answer: make sure experienced, well-trained technicians are working on you.

At GoLaser, our technicians avoid the common mistake in the beauty and skin-care field of “spreading themselves too thin”. Our experts specialize solely in laser hair removal, rather than multiple services at once. We ensure that our team of well-trained professionals stays up-to-date with the latest in laser hair removal technology and are capable of offering sound direction and advice to their clients. When you book your laser hair removal session with GoLaser staff, you can be sure that sessions are conducted with care and precision, resulting in the most amount of hair removed for good with each laser session.

How long do laser hair removal results last?

Laser hair removal systems and treatments have come a long way since arriving on the scene in the 1960’s. Today, continuous advancements in technology leave clients noticing results much quicker and lasting longer than ever before.

Typically, laser hair removal results last for months or even years down the road, which means countless vacations, pool parties, and sleepovers with worry-free, gorgeously smooth skin are within reach. Removing hair forever only becomes possible when you have completed all treatment sessions recommended by your laser hair technician, as well as any touch-up appointments.

Saying goodbye to annoying plucking and tweezing for-e-ver? Where do I sign up?

How to make your laser hair results truly permanent

At this point, after doing laser hair removal, you may be wondering what you can do to ensure unwanted hair stays away for good.

Avoid missing treatments to achieve permanent results

The most effective way to make hair stay away for good is to attend EVERY scheduled laser hair removal appointment at the interval recommended by your laser technician.

Of course, life happens. Things can get in the way of getting to your laser session on a given day, which is fine. Just make sure to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible (the same week is ideal) in order to target hair when it is in the active “new growth ” phase of it’s lifecycle. This is the time when the laser’s heat can most effectively destroy as many hair follicles as possible, leaving you with the best results.

If you forget or fail to attend your laser hair removal appointments as suggested by your technician, you increase the risk of having hair grow back more rapidly and aggressively than if you had just “stuck to the plan”.

Getting the most bang for your buck, as well as the longest-lasting results when it comes to laser hair removal isn’t hard. But it does require patience, consistency, and an informed foundation in order to decide if it is right for you.

Maintenance or “touch-up” sessions

Once you are in “maintenance mode”, one of the MOST effective ways to increase the longevity of your laser-treated hair is by returning, at infrequent intervals, to your laser hair removal clinic for maintenance sessions, as needed.

These after-care sessions, on a yearly basis, are an essential part of maintaining the smooth, awe-producing results you first fell in love with after your initial few treatments.

Touch-up appointments help the client achieve pristine and permanent hair removal results by destroying any remaining hair follicles that were only damaged during previous sessions.

How many touch-up sessions are needed for permanent results?

The exact number of touch-up sessions needed can vary, depending on body part, size of the targeted area and skin tone. However, in most cases, once initial sessions are complete, an individual usually requires touch-up sessions 1-2 times annually to maintain consistent results.

Noticing that some hair has regrown after your initial laser hair removal treatments is no cause for alarm and is likely the result of the reason(s) listed above.

The best part about GoLaser is that your package comes with a lifetime of touchups (one per year) with our GoLaser Guarantee. That means that maintaining your results will not cost you money and can be done quickly and easily on an annual basis.

The GoLaser Guarantee: THE solution to permanent hair removal

When it comes to maintenance sessions, GoLaser is truly unique. Unlike most laser hair removal clinics that provide touch-up sessions at repeated cost to the client, GoLaser offers the opportunity to touch-up any stubborn recurring hairs for absolutely FREE once a year for life! (yes, you read that correctly, for life!).

Laser hair removal enthusiasts can rejoice in the cost-effective solution our boutique-style clinic offers, suitably named the “GoLaser Guarantee”.

Rather than expecting people to pay continuously for maintenance sessions to eliminate regrowth, Golaser allows clients to pay only one affordable price for their laser hair removal treatments targeted at a particular body part.

Factors that could briefly interrupt permanent results

It is important to be aware of which of life’s events could promote the regeneration of hair in certain areas of the body so that you are prepared to manage when and if it occurs.

1.    Pregnancy and laser hair removal

Higher than normal levels of estrogen and androgen circulating throughout a woman’s body during pregnancy is a major contributing factor to potential hair regrowth after laser hair removal treatment.

However, it’s unlikely that all the hair that was previously in a particular area will return. In fact, hormone-induced hair growth may only reoccur in small patches or as sparse hairs and may be thinner and lighter than before. This can occur months or years after hair has been treated, although it’s not a guarantee. The GoLaser Guarantee has a pregnancy reset, allowing you to reset the clock on your 24 months of unlimited laser sessions with GoLaser!

2.   Menopause

Women approaching or currently experiencing menopause can also see some increased hair growth. Given the age at which this happens, those experiencing menopause should act quickly if they want laser hair removal treatments to be as effective as possible.

The reason for this is hair that is light in colour, like when hair turns white or grey as a natural result of aging, does not absorb heat from the laser as effectively as darker hair tones do. This means the laser can struggle to travel deep into the hair follicle effectively.

3.   Excess testosterone

Individuals who have excess amounts of testosterone, either naturally or through hormonal treatments, may also notice some hair regrowth in areas that were previously laser treated. Excessively high T-levels can cause regrowth in areas such as the back, chest and face.

In a nutshell:

You might have already noticed that the common denominator amoung the above scenarios is, you guessed it, sudden hormonal changes/imbalances in the body that can stimulate hair regrowth post laser treatment.

So, if permanent hair removal is your ultimate goal, it’s important to understand why you may be seeing some hair regrowth occurring at certain points in your life so that you can anticipate it’s potential arrival and act on it accordingly.

Why laser results are more permanent than other hair removal methods?

Laser hair removal, by far, provides the most permanent results compared to other age-old methods such as waxing, shaving, tweezing or creams.

Here’s why:

  1. Laser hair removal treatments reach deep into the hair shaft and attach the hair follicle;
  2. Ingrown hairs become a thing of the past;
  3. Laser hair removal is far less painful than other hair removal methods

Laser hair removal treatments reach deep into the hair shaft

Unlike shaving that cuts hair only at mid-shaft near the surface of the skin, causing almost immediate hair regrowth (boo), laser hair removal destroys the hair’s follicle deep down at the root, which ensures little to no regrowth.

Since laser hair treatments are so effective at zapping hairs, this means that clients typically don’t see regrowth until months or even years after initial treatments. The results are much longer lasting and require very little maintenance.

While other methods like tweezing and plucking pull the entire hair out, the problem is that the actual follicle still remains intact. This sets the stage for quick and annoying regrowth in no time.

Ingrown hairs become a thing of the past

If ingrown hairs, or hairs that curl up and grow just underneath the skin’s surface, is something that plagues you, it’s time to put away your razor and discover the healing properties of laser hair removal.

Experts agree that laser hair removal is THE most effective solution for preventing ingrown hairs because it is the only method that actually gets to the root of the problem (pun definitely intended!)

Since laser hair removal treatments aim to destroy the follicle completely so that hair will not grow back, the possibility of ingrown hair reoccurring is virtually eliminated. As a result, when the hair follicle becomes incapacitated through laser treatments, it no longer has the ability to produce tiny hairs, especially those that cause persistent pain, infection and irritation for sufferers.

Laser hair removal is far less painful than other hair removal methods

Modern laser hair removal technology is quiet, gentle, and much less abrasive on the skin compared to shaving, waxing, and plucking. As a result, the client is able to have their hair comfortably removed without pain-induced anxiety. GoLaser uses the most up to date laser technology, ensuring both safe and affective treatment for all skin types.

Here are the takeaways…

● Laser hair removal is THE most effective, pain-free, and long-lasting solution to hair removal

● It is possible for laser-treated hair to be gone forever with infrequent touch-up sessions at yearly intervals (annual touch-ups included in the GoLaser Guarantee!)

● Be sure to understand what happens to the hair follicle during laser treatments and how the follicle’s condition impacts it’s likelihood of returning or not – be consistent with your hair removal treatments!

● Life events that result in increased hormone levels within the body can cause some hair regrowth. Know which events these are so that you are prepared to take immediate action against at GoLaser!

● The GoLaser Guarantee is a market-first, unique, economically friendly, hassle-free solution to permanent hair removal that allows individuals to spend time focusing on themselves and removing body hair for good.